Billing and pricing

Our pricing is user-based. Actually, it is unit-based, 1 unit is comprised of 1 user and 10 Gb:

More often than not, a user will not surpass 10 Gb of data use. This limit is in place simply to prevent users from utilizing Treenga to host unreasonably large files which would lead to inflated costs for others.

Provided you aren’t planning on uploading many large files, you can expect to calculate costs as 1 unique user = 1 unit

We calculate costs based on unique users only. If the same person participates in multiple teams, you will still only pay for a single unit. For example, if you have 3 users who are members of 10 teams, we will calculate the cost based on 3 units, unless you use more than 30 Gb of space for file attachments in all of your teams. If you have 3 users, but utilize, for example, 50 Gb of data for files within your teams, you will pay for 5 units.

1 unit costs $1 per month.

Unit usage is calculated on a daily basis and every month your account is billed accordingly. If the amount due at the end of a month is less than $2, we won’t charge your card; instead your usage will roll over into the following month and payment will only be taken when $2 or more is owed. Our simple and fair pricing system is designed to allow you to add people onto your teams without worrying about whether you have the free seats available in your current plan or not.

You pay only for what you consume—if you have a team of 11 people, you pay for 11; no need to buy a one-size-fits-all package which often leads to overpayment and underutilization. And we offer complete flexibility. If today you have 3 users, tomorrow 12, and 5 the next day, then we allow you to pay for 3, 12 and then 5, and not have to foot the bill for what you might never use.

For new users, our welcome offer gives you your first unit free of charge, plus an additional $200 credit upon registration to try out some team collaboration

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