Managing account


Registration can be completed in 2 different ways: regular email + password, and via social accounts. We currently support Google, Facebook and GitHub. Registering via a social account allows for rapid signup—just select the social provider of your choice and allow it to share your details with Treenga. All we require is your email, so we ask for the least information possible.

As this registration method is fully reliant on your social account, you don't even need to create a password. Should you change your mind and decide to keep Treenga separate from your social accounts, you can choose to create a password and unlink Treenga from your social account at any time. Alternatively, register for a Treenga account by providing your email address and creating a password to login.

Service termination

Decided it’s not for you? You can delete your account by going to Account → General → Service termination. Terminating your account will permanently delete all teams, settings, categories and tasks, and this information cannot be restored. Be sure to back up all important information prior to pulling the plug!

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