Teams form the main organizational structure within Treenga. Anything shared within a team unit is shared among all members, and any team member can assign tasks to others, as well as open new or close existing tasks.

There are 2 main types of teams:

  1. Your teams. At any time you can create a new team and invite any user to join it. As the owner (or creator), you pay for this team and only you can add new team members.

When the team is created, you can edit your personal username as well as the team name by clicking this button:

2. Teams to which you were invited. When someone adds you to their own team, it will appear in your list of teams that you can work with.

Actually, there is a third "type" of team — proxy-team from linked accounts.

If you have ever worked as a freelancer and at the same time been hired as an employee, you may be familiar with this situation. You manage your projects using a site, say, Your employer, for reasons of privacy, security or company policy, has registered a work email for you —, and has simultaneously shared with you a project on Now, to work on your projects, you have to login with your own email, and to communicate with and work with your employer and teammates within an organization, you need to login to the other account, and so you find yourself constantly switching between accounts, which is extremely inconvenient.

Treenga has the answer. Login to Treenga using your employer-created account, create a token, and then re-login using your personal account, and link it to the main employer account using this token. This will virtually merge the 2 accounts and you can now easily manage all projects from a single place.

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